Meikirch model

A new concept of health based on science

Health care costs rise more than the gross domestic product. This is not sustainable and puts stress on the health care system that is more and more influenced by economic considerations. The number of general practitioners is decreasing continuously. Where does this lead us?

The health care system is „sick“

This sickness results from a concept of health that is blind itself. There are many ideas about how to improve the health care system, yet most of them result from economic considerations instead of improved health as the primary objective. A new approach is needed: The Meikirch model paves the way into the future.

The Meikirch model offers a sustainable approach

The Meikirch model is a new concept of health that puts the whole human being into the center. Its components and the functional Meikirch model graphicrelationships include society and natural environment. This allows viewing all aspects of health in a new light and leading to interesting new concepts.

The consequences: More health at lower costs

When the health care system is considered based on the Meikirch model, interesting new and more appropriate solutions emerge. Their implementation has the potential to simultaneously improve health of the people and to lower health care costs.

This webpage offers in-depth information about the Meikirch model

The following pages express the basic features of the Meikirch model. The listed publications offer further science based details, mostly in English. The authors are most interested to receive feedback and to engage in interesting discussions.

Wording of the definition of health expressed by the Meikirch model

„Health is a dynamic state of wellbeing emergent from conducive interactions between individuals’ potentials, life’s demands, and social and environmental determinants. Health results throughout the life course when individuals’ potentials – and social and environmental determinants – suffice to respond satisfactorily to the demands of life. Life’s demands can be physiological, psychosocial, or environmental, and vary across individual and context, but in every case unsatisfactory responses lead to disease.“
Bircher J. and Hahn E. G. Understanding the nature of health 2016